Monday the 2nd of April 2020:
Dear students and staff!

Yesterday, Henrik marked NEW PURPLE DOTS in the yoga room leaving plenty of space between the mats. Please, use these new marks when rolling your mats out. This means that the class size is down to 1/2. Due to less availability, please review your bookings, do your best to cancel in time and please only book/waitlist one class per day. Also, as Malmö probably will face an increasing number of COVID-19 cases shorly, we recommend you all to follow as many of the latest general recommendations you can.

– Thank you for all kind words and appreciation.
– Thanks to everyone keeping their membership active even if not practicing in the studio.
– Thank you for taking a pro-active approach to your own health and wellbeing while following general advices that are believed to slow down the COVID-19 infection-rate.

Monday the 30th of March 2020:

Dear student!

We do what we can to take care of ourselves, stay healthy and care for each other. I feel deep sympathy for everyone who are, more or less, directly or indirectly, affected by the virus. Daily updates are being communicated from the authorities and we are committed to adapt the studio’s activities accordingly. We are pleased to be able to stay open, and honor that all of you respect the given recommendations.

With love, Mine Taylan (studio owner)

Policy as of March 30, 2020
Please read thoroughly before your next studio-visit.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden confirm that exercising and doing sports is beneficial for public health, and gyms and in-door exercise grounds can remain open. However, all such activities need to be adapted to slow down/minimize the risk for disease transmission.

To continue to offer classes in a responsible way, Hot Yoga Malmö needs each one of you to read through and take 100 % responsibility regarding below guidelines:

· Please don’t come to the studio if you have any symptoms of cold or flu (even the mildest headache).
· Remain at home until symptoms clear + an additional 2 days.
· If you fall ill or notice a symptom during exercise you should go home immediately.
· Avoid crowding. Keep a distance to fellow yogis and yoginis at the check-in and in the changing rooms. Please wait outside the studio or in the lobby if the reception area or changing rooms are crowded.
· Avoid close contact and do not touch your own face.
· Do not share water bottles or other equipment.
· Sanitize your hands upon entry and wash your hands thoroughly before and after class.
· Choose to walk or ride a bike to the studio if possible.
· Bring your own mat and towels if possible.

In addition:

· If you or anyone in your care risk serious illness from an infection or suffer from conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, hypertension or cancer, you are advised to minimize social contacts and therefore avoid participating in indoor activities under these circumstances.
· People over the age of 70 are advised to minimize their social contacts and should therefore not participate in indoor activities.
· Make sure you have read and understood HYM’s policy communicated on the 16th of March.

Monday the 16th of March 2020:

Dear yogis and yoginis!
Thank you for your ongoing trust in yoga at HYM!

In times like these, we are extra sensitive and delicate. By staying aware of & expressing our needs, we help ourselves and others.

Understandably, there is a lot of worry about the COVID-19 virus. HYM follows all updated guidelines from the authorities, and continues to offer classes as long as no other recommendations are given. We work continuously to keep the studio a safe and peaceful place, where we can recharge, calm down and focus on our wellbeing.

Hot Yoga Malmö has used a suggested risk assessment tool. As a result, we need to take below measures. It’s very important that we all adhere.

With love, Mine Taylan (studio owner)     

Policy as of March 16, 2020
Please read thoroughly before your next studio-visit.

Since Corona is a confirmed pandemic Folkhälsomyndigheten states that its no longer relevant to indicate in which countries the spread of infection is ongoing. Also, Sweden, Schengen and most of EU is now marked as high risk areas. This has led to the focus on lowering risk of contagion from everyone with symptoms rather than isolating travellers dependent on where they travel from. However, if you are a traveler returning from known early affected so called ”high risk areas” like China, Iran, Italy, Spain, South Korea… Please be very mindful of symptoms (incubation period up to 14 days) and humble towards the fact that people are scared and worried. Share, talk and support each other in a kind and loving way.

Students, teachers & staff:

1) Please don’t come to the studio if you have any of below listed cold or flu symptoms. Welcome back to Hot Yoga Malmö when you feel good and you have had 2 days without symptoms.

  • Cough or repetitive sneezing
  • Fever
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Rhinitis
  • Sinus infection
  • Sore throat
  • Headaches
  • Muscle and/or joint soreness
  • Nausea

2) If you don’t have any symptoms but you believe that you may have been exposed to the Coronavirus, please contact HYM before making a decision to visit the yoga studio. Also, contact the care guide 1177 for information (and advice about getting tested and/or registered).

3) Please let the studio know if you don’t feel comfortable practicing, working or teaching due to the current situation. Students: To freeze your card, please email Fia at Teachers and staff: Please contact Mine directly.

Requirements when taking class in the studio:

  • Don’t touch your face area (nose, ears, mouth and eyes).
  • Bring your own mat+towel if possible.
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap prior to and after class (and/or use a hand sanitizer).
  • Make sure you use a large towel to cover your mat.
  • Only touch and use your “own” equipment and clothes.
  • Read the advice on the poster “STAY HEALTHY OFF AND ON YOUR YOGA MAT” (posted in the studio and on FB)

Staff, teachers and volunteer workers need to:

  • keep the studio extremely clean
  • not apply late cancel fees, admin fees or ask for doctor’s proof when students stay home due to any cold/flu symptoms.
  • avoid using props (blocks, bolsters, straps, push-up grips and back mitras)
  • cancel the Back-Mitra classes
  • avoid any hands-on adjustments, partner work, alternate nostril breathing, humming bee or anything else where hands touch the face
  • keep hands and gloves clean/sanitized
  • use disinfectants on all rental mats
  • clean and disinfect hands, keyboards and desktop areas before handling rental mats/towels and before check-in and teaching
  • provide paper towels instead of terrycloth (frotté) in the toilets.

Due to the situation and our strict guidelines for teachers and staff, we might need to cancel classes or change class-types. Please, always check the schedule before coming to the studio.