Christian Scaraglino


Hot 60/75/90/+, Advanced, Dharma

In 2001, I discovered the benefits of Yoga in New York’s Theater District after a challenge to do a Hot Yoga class. I was enduringly hooked and practiced almost daily.  Convinced of the physical and mental benefits it gave me, I went to Los Angeles for Bikram’s 500 hour training.

Yoga is a gift that just keeps giving and giving and the reason why I still practice. Plus It gives me a chance to wear tiger shorts.  

Teaching is something I am truly thankful for in addition to my practice. It’s the only job that isn’t a job. It’s an endless source of inspiration for me. You get to help people blossom, transform, evolve, get stronger, heal, and just feel better.

What I try to mediate in my classes is not just alignment and physical benefits, but also the more subtle benefits. I hope when people leave, they fell better about themselves, feel a sense of community and also leave with a smile.  

Photography, Languages, Cooking, Traveling, and Genealogy aways fun with that.

The biggest challenge is always to balance your own life, that is the eternal struggle of a Yogi, and that comes with learning about the Self.