Morris Reyes


Mobility, HIIT, Vinyasa, Core, Yin & Yang

I started my inner yoga journey after reading the baghavad gitta when I was 12 years old,  I was in love with it straight away. It wasn’t until 2007 at hot yoga London that I started with the physical practice. I remember clearly wearing cotton trousers inside the hot room and thinking I wasn’t going to make it. I however fell in love with the practice and went back the next day.
In 2017 I finally decided to start teaching and took the 200hr Hot Yoga Fusion teacher training.
CAPOEIRA AND MOBILITY: in 2002 I started my training and it changed my life forever. I have been teaching since 2007.
Thanks to Capoeira I have travelled the world fell in love and made friends wherever I go.
I call it: Sharing. It’s my passion to pass on any knowledge I might have, to anyone looking for a new perspective, or anyone in need of listening to their inner teacher. We are all unique and slightly different from person to person so I adapt my teaching to everyone so that everyone gets something out of it.
Remember ultimately You are your teacher!

Trying other forms of movement, I make music, I take pictures, love cooking, enjoy travelling, reading and dancing.

Everything is a challenge if there is no joy or fun involved so I try to make any challenge fun!