Daniel Wade



I offer massage treatments for Complementary and Alternative Medicine [CAM] to promote the alleviation and reduction of pain, stress and inflammation. In every massage session I work with you to strengthen the bridges between your physical elements –and the aspects of your mind. I incorporate modalities like: Deep Tissue massage, Therapeutic Classic massage, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Medical Astrology massage, and many more; mixing and matching to find the best results unique to each person.

My massage practice is engaged in the field of Somatic Intuition. My specialties include—but, are not limited to: Western Anatomy & Physiology, Traditional Chinese Medical Physiology (TCM), eclectic massage techniques, energizing Body-mind Therapy, Western + Chinese Astrology, Fusion of 5 Elements.

Certifierad massage terapeut (The Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences, New York) och grundare av Scorpius Massage.

I have been providing massage therapy for 12 years in wide range of diverse Well-Being genres. In my early-20s I apprenticed for a Chiropractor in West Los Angeles, and did private sessions part-time specializing in Reflexology while attending college. During my mid-20s I represented a few different skincare + bodycare brands by hosting campaign events, demonstrating best practices, and giving spa treatments. Before relocating to Malmö in 2014, I had a private massage studio, and served as a Spa Manager for a luxury fitness club in New York City.

My experience has been shaped by the thousands of people from all over the world that I’ve had the chance to meet & treat throughout the journey which has brought me to Sweden, and I hope to continue meeting many more.