Guest Teacher 

Vinyasa, Core, Dharma, BackMitra

I began yoga to support her sports activities, and to address recovery from injuries. The physical benefits came quickly, including improved sleep and stress levels. I got really interested, wanted to understand more and so signed up for my 250hr training in England. I continued to explore different styles of yoga , and found Dharma yoga in London when visiting. I found the spirit and playfulness and also challenge of the practice to be very liberating, and eventually went on to do my 500hr training in New York with Sri Dharma Mittra. Understanding a greater depth of self knowledge has helped me become calmer, steadier and happier in my life, and I wish to pass this on to others! I previously did PGdip sports biomechanics at university, so have interest in alignment and safely practicing yoga postures so that the greatest benefits can be accessed! I have also done short trainings with Dylan Werner and , Ambro Vallo and I am excited to pass my experiences to others.