Camilla Gadsden


Hot 60/75/90/+, Advanced

My yoga journey properly started with my first Bikram class in early 2001. I went to a studio in Melbourne upon suggestion from a friend – who knew that I’d love the challenge. The physical intensity and the bliss was what hooked me immediately. I’ve always pushed and played with my physical abilities and then I discovered a whole new way to challenge myself through the yoga.

It wasn’t before long – a couple of months into a regular practice – that I began to see, understand and feel the many layers of self discovery that were opening to me through the yoga.

I teach yoga because I’m fascinated with the human body and the mind. Yoga provides a platform to connect them, to help us understand them and gives us the opportunity to tap into an unlimited potential.

I try to communicate precision of intent, physical and mental stillness and balance…. effort and ease, strength and grace. I try to provide a space where a student can really be present and learn to deeply listen with honesty and compassion.

Outside of the studio I enjoy using my body in other ways. I love preparing and sharing good food and drinks with friends and family. I love concerts, sharing playlists, and cutting up a dance floor.

One of my biggest challenges as a yogi has been to step back from 100% all the time.