Caroline Åkvist


Hot 60/75/90

I found Bikram Yoga during fall 2009. It was a lucky google search for a new sport that got me to Bikram Yoga Malmö.
I was new to the city and got to my first class not knowing what yoga was more than a couple yogaclasses at the gym. I was immediately hooked. The feeling after class is unbeatable. I went back everyday for the next 12 days and found that it was changing me already. A feeling of being able to change yourself inside out, get better habits, get rid of old ones and feel better. Mentally, physically.
The yoga reaches you wherever you are and gives you what you need.
I went to Bikram’s 500hour Teacher Training in fall 2016. I have since then been teaching in Sweden, Denmark and in the United states. In november 2018, I also attended the Progressive Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.
The students inspire and impress me everyday. I love to see people feeling better with the help of the yoga.
Love to travel and see new places, be inspired by different cultures, food, architecture, art and people. Love music and arts. Like to move and being out in the nature, Love the ocean and the wilderness.
Patience! The worst class is the one you never took.