Etienne Bourganel


Hot 60/75/90

I took my first yoga class in 2009 in a gym and my first Bikram class in May 2012. Very soon after my first Bikram classes I felt the immense benefits on my physical and mental health. I could sleep better, had more energy, and it also gave me the force to stop my addiction to diverse stimulants.

I now practice yoga on a regular basis to continue exploring my inner world, healing my body, mind and soul and be able to enjoy the outer world even more.

The moment you pause, breathe and observe what’s within you, you give yourself a chance to not react automatically and act mindfully instead. This can be a start to a new life, full of meaningful experiences.

This is what I hope yoga and meditation can bring to people and I hope I can help people who need to come back to themselves and start healing their bodies, minds and souls in the same way I needed help from my teachers to balance my life, start healing and and be happier.

I try to teach with humor and compassion though also with discipline an respect for the practice.

I love playing music and reading books. I also enjoy running, climbing or hiking.

Traveling, having a nice dinner and then watching a movie with my wife on our sofa is also on the top of my ”favorite things to do” list.

One challenge for me is to know when to practice, what to practice and how to practice since I can be lazy when I should practice and I am too hard on myself when I need to relax.

I am still struggling with having a consistency in my practice, as I naturally tend to be a ”all or nothing” person in many aspects of my life. The good news is, there is still plenty of hope to balance that too 🙂