Hot 90

Yoga came into my life at the most perfect time. I got curious about giving yoga a try after 3 years of training in a hard and competitive world of muay thai. It was a difficult time in my life, and practicing yoga helped me focus more on myself, which I really needed. A few months later, I started thinking about going to a teacher training. Teaching and practicing still helps me feel grounded. It allows me to breathe and go through life one step at a time.


I have been teaching Bikram yoga for almost 8 years now, and one thing that fascinates me the most is the learning that comes with the job. And the amound of it. It’s incredible. And so it naturally affects my practice, since as much as I learn from being a student every time I step on the mat, I learn from being a teacher when I step on the podium, who very much is still just an eager and excited student curious about a student’s practice and personal growth.

Practice. I like to apply some of the things I teach and learn throught the week. I also have interests in many different activities, which all connect to the yoga and my practice. I like to spend my free days outdoors, rock climbing, hiking, camping, visiting my home in Croatia and traveling to new places. I worked as a traveling teacher for 5-6 years so it allowed me to see many places and get into different activities and hobbies like sewing, ballet, volunteering, jewelry making. And right now my biggest challenge- learning Swedish. hi

The recent challenge since moving to Sweden at the end of 2017 I’ve faced is finding time to practice. Most of places I have travelled to and stayed a while, I stayed at studios, so I could take class at any point, and whenever. Now I teach most of my classes in Copenhagen, which isn’t far, but takes away more than half of the day. So while I try to find balance between being home, other activities I like, and yoga, I find my practice has suffered a little. Balance. But I think that might be a common challenge for many. More yoga 🙂